October 05, 2013


My 2009 Defy Advanced was stolen from my garage in northwest Spokane this morning.
Has Shimano Ultegra shifters and hardware, Brooks saddle, and Shimano SPD pedals.  Also rigged for a Garmin wireless bike computer.  Please comment below if you see or know anything!

March 19, 2013

March Winds

I love spring for many reasons, and the wind is not generally a complaint of mine.  But last night my ride home was horrendous.  The wind was in my face for the last mile.  Even my well-practiced snot rockets were off kilter. 

When I got off my bike my lungs were burning from the effort, mostly attributable to the fact that I haven't really ridden much in the last two weeks.  But I think it had something to do with the wind as well...

I'm reassessing my commitment to the Ronde Von Polouse next month...

March 13, 2013

Longitudinal "Dryer" Cracks

This morning I threw a leg over my bike for my commute.  It was nice.  The road was just wet enough tha have me concerned, though.  With a broken rear fender I'm prone to receive the dreaded "racing stripe".

In the dark (by the way, the dark is hard to take after having the light for a few weeks.), my lights revealed a sheen of wet that was fortuitously interrupted by longitudinal cracks in the pavement.  By riding on the downhill- or curb-side of the cracks I was effectively reducing the amount of water my tire could fling at me.

Which was fine until I came to the newly refinished Post Street.  I don't usually make a habit of cursing smooth pavement but...

March 08, 2013


I apologize for this week's silence.  I've been working overtime on a very intense schedule.  No biking this week.

It's getting better, though.  Tomorrow is Saturday!

February 27, 2013

Needed: Pants

Half-way to work this morning I had just started down Nemesis Hill when a thought ran through my head, "My bag feels a bit lofty today."  At which point I had a heart attack and began swearing.  I try not to make a habit of denying gravity's help, but I had to turn around immediately.  The prospect of wearing tights to work was unbearable.

The bonus of my absent-mindedness was a 50% increase in calories burned!