August 11, 2010

Plans and Goals

I blame the Marathon.  It threw off everything!

This year I have not really had many big plans or goals on the bike.  I wanted to.  I did plan to do a century ride...and still plan to eventually...but I have been beyond busy.  Lately I am working less than 4 days per week on average, and I still have no time or free Saturdays for a simple bike ride.  Thus, my training for the upcoming century ride that I eventually plan on doing, consists entirely of 3.5-mile commutes to and from work.

For this reason, I have been semi-competitive with my commute time.  As a result, that's all I have to brag about when it comes to talking to my biking friends.  It's getting old.  I need to get out...eventually.

August 10, 2010

Automatic Doors

I find it interesting that when I arrive at work on a bicycle, many people (most of whom I do not know) are willing to hold the door open for me.  "Oh, let me get that for you.", they say as they run over to help.  I often wonder if they would do the same for someone in a wheelchair. 

"It's alright, I have a system.", I respond.
"Are you sure?", they ask and they reach around or over me to hold the door open.  I appreciate their help, but sometimes they end up making the process more difficult.  I pay close attention to keep my bike tires from brushing against them.
"I do this every day.  I've been practising."

Occasionally, they stand back while I work my system, and then they say with surprise, "You do have a system!"

Yup.  I practise.

August 09, 2010

My Hobby - Mock Assists

Twice now, I have come up on the electric-assisted bicycle commuter on my route.  I caught him again at the same location as before...right at the bottom of the only short climb on the way into work.  I waved and chuckled as I passed him this morning.  I was double his speed, at least.  Hah!