July 28, 2010

I Blame the Traffic!

9:56.7  -- Only two seconds shy of a new PR on the way in this morning!  Flying down the last stretch I was on pace for a new PR when I nearly caught up to an old man driving a little Nissan pickup.  Then, in the last corner before the bridge that man slowed all the way down to the speed limit!  What was he doing!?  After making the corner, he sped away again.  I still pushed it in, but with that blow to my momentum, I came up short.

But that brings up a topic I am torn on...obeying traffic laws.  I'm not torn when it comes to using a lane or obeying traffic signals.  Where I'm torn is obedience to the speed limit.  Particularly, I don't feel that bicycles need such vigilence in gravity-friendly situations (aka:  descending hills)!  Honestly, though, not even cars are strict to obey speed limits.

July 27, 2010


All of my thoughts on the bike this morning were of the nature:  This is hard, yet I'm not going to set any records.  Practice spinning circles and applying power throughout the motion.  Feels great to get down in the drops and just go.  My bike feels sweet!  Some of the cracks in the road could actually use some manicuring by a lawnmower.

Not to bore you further...I thought I'd share what my intentions are with this blog.  So far, I've been writing each day I commute to work by bike.  I intend to keep that up. 

Cycling provides me a time to meditate and to excercise my ability to focus intensely on one thing at a time.  Generally I'll be writing about what things come to mind or my experiences on the commute.  Ocassionally, I might discuss local issues with bike-related infrastructure.  Let it be known that I love to ride, and that I am learning more about the sport and culture almost every day.  I'm also learning about myself and my physical abilities. 

Anyway, I hope to entertain, but if not...at least to personally enjoy this 10-minute (or so) break from the mundain to re-live the exciting.

July 26, 2010

Trekking vs. Cycling

I spent three days of the weekend pushing and pulling a handcart across the hilly terrain east of Lake Roosevelt.  I figured my physical condition was pretty good.  However, yesterday I felt sore all over. 

When I hopped back on the bike this morning, my legs felt like lead for about the first half-mile.  Eventually I felt pretty good again, but it was more a slog than a race today!