July 08, 2010

PR Homeward-Bound!

It seems that when I have a great ride in the morning, the evening ride will also be great.  Yesterday morning I achieved my second-fastest time for the year.  Last night I set a new all-time PR for the trip home!  11:08...beating the previous time by 3 seconds!

Yesterday I went through my records and compiled a list of the fastest times for each trip.  I guess it got me going, and I just pinned it all the way home.  It paid off. 

I hammered the pedals for the first mile and kept a good pace.  However, after climbing Nemesis Hill I thought I was sunk.  I looked at my time split and was sure I had missed the mark, but it's been a while since I TT'd (Time Trialed) it home and I couldn't remember what a good split was.  To my great fortune when I turned to the west, a slight tail wind was ready to usher me home.  I got down in the drops and put everything I had to the pedals.  I maintained extreme caution as I passed my crash site from earlier this year, particularly since there were many cars on the road with me.  (That was the last time I was down in the drops over this section.)  It was a fantastic feeling riding along the steady, slight negative grade, maintaining about 30 mph!

Pulling up to the driveway I stopped my timer and my heart thrilled at the sight!

July 07, 2010


Almost set a new 2010 personal best on the way in to work this morning.  I don't always try for a best time, but to try is an option each morning I get on the bike.  I usually know within about 5 minutes whether or not I can compete.  Here's how:
  • If there is a headwind over the first stretch or any rain or wet roads, I'm sunk.
  • The first leg of the ride is generally completed in less than 4 minutes.  If I'm more than 20 seconds over that, then it means my legs are not in it that morning.
  • If I make it through that first leg in less than 4 minutes there is one final test.  After I turn south, I cruise down Nemesis Hill.  If I can hit 40 mph or higher, then I'm set to compete. (Today I peaked just over 40.)
My overall best time was 10:20 set August 31, 2009.
So far, my 2010 best time is 10:32 set June 18th.

Really though, the true test is the ride home.  That's a topic for another day.  Or several other days.

July 06, 2010


Over the long weekend I put a lot of sawdust on my bike instead of miles.  By last night I felt a bit stiff, and had the thought that I need to ride more.

This morning I dusted off the saddle and bars and got geared up for the ride into work.  I threw a leg over the saddle and pushed off while clicking into the pedals.  As I neared the road, I saw a couple of cars coming, so I pedaled hard to the center turn lane (I live on an arterial street) and then kept my momentum through the light. 

As I pulled onto the next street I saw a semi-truck and trailor easing up to spead ahead of me.  Involuntarily my legs jumped to the challenge and my heart thrilled at the thought of catching the draft of that truck!  In short order I was up to almost 25 mph, but my hamstrings wound tight and my quads seared.  My lungs were in worse shape trying to catch my racing heart.  Sadly, after only 1/4 mile I watched the truck pull away from me.

This jump-start did not help my time.