November 04, 2010

Velcro Sand

There are several great things about riding a bike with fenders, but the most awesome of those things is riding through a patch of velcro sand.  Velcro sand pockets are elusive, but they are out there.  You never know if you've found one until you hear that sweet sound of ripping velcro. 

A deposite of sand may end up velcro for one bike and nothing for the next.  It's all about matching tire tread to sand particle size.  When you get that perfect match-up, the sand sticks to the tire just long enough to be lifted up and deposited against the bottom of the fender, causing that velcro music. 

November 01, 2010

100 Miles Complete!

Friday, October 29th, I finally completed the 100 Miles of Nowhere 2010!  The ride was sweet.  The ride was monotonous, monstrous, and long.  Here's the quick recap:

Miles 1-15 watched "How to Train Your Dragon".
Miles 15-30 took forever, and were very difficult.  Didn't want to stop to set up a new movie...
Miles 30-50 set a solid pace...watched Dragon twice more without sound. Cramping of left calf began at mile 40.
Breakfast at mile 50 was awesome...bacon, peanut butter on toast, and coke.
Miles 50-75 watched "Iron Man".  More cramps from miles 70 to 75 as I picked up pace to reach the 3/4 point.
Miles 75-100 watched "Star Trek". 
Finished at about 1:30 in the afternoon.

I had some great miles to think about my friend, Adam and others I know who have battled/are battling cancer.  Just over 6 1/2 hours on the bike matches one Chemotherapy Treatment.  Several times I found myself counting down the seconds for a given mile set.  I understand he's done some counting down through much more pain than I can ever imagine. 

Props to all those who fight that dirty illness that would take all!