October 28, 2010

In Preparation...

Tomorrow morning I'm going to ride 100 miles.  It's going to hurt a bit...or perhaps more than a bit.  Here's how I'm preparing to complete the task:

1.  I opened up my calendar and put the right mark on it.
2.  I took my rollers down from the wall and set my bike on them.
3.  I'll pick out a few movies to watch while suffering in my basement.
4.  I'll collect several energy foods including, but not limited to:  Powerbar Vanilla Crisp, Bananas, Peanutbutter Sandwiches, Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers, Cliff Shotblocks, and several bottles of water and Carborocket.  I've also heard Coke is awesome on long rides...perhaps a couple of those.

I also did many rides this summer to prepare for such a task as riding 100 miles.  These rides included, and were entirely limited to:  My daily commute, and twice around the river loop (17 miles).

Alright, so thinking about my physical preparation makes me feel a little woozy.  This is going to be painful.

October 27, 2010

The Commuter

My commuter bike is officially functional again!  All summer long I've been riding my road bike for commuting.  It's a dreamy bike, so I have no complaints.  When the weather turns wet and icky, though...I'm ready for fenders. 

October 25, 2010

Inspired Riding

I don't fully understand cause-oriented riding/running/whatever-sport-you're-into events.  And yet...I participate in them here and there.  Mostly, I participate for selfish reasons.  ie:  I want to accomplish a certain goal, and the event provides the venue and support I need to do it.  Those instances provide a bonus feel-good moment when the registration/donation money leaves my coffers.

BUT THEN...there came to be the most ridiculous charity ride ever dreamed up.  Not very often do you ask a friend what their training goal is and they say:  "I want to ride 100 miles on my bike without moving."   - Say again?  That's what the Fat Cyclist did a couple of years ago to raise awareness for breast cancer which was slowly and painfully taking his wife away from him.  He hedged a bet that he could do it, and everyone that "bet" against him and lost, ended up paying the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Last year he did it again, but he opened it up as a race for anyone to join in their own specific category.  I was following his blog by then and thought the proposal was so ridiculous, there was NO way I could NOT sign up.  I won the 100 Miles of Nowhere In the Middle of Nowhere category.  Despite the cause-oriented nature of the ride, I didn't gain the benefit of the cause until I had ridden over 75 miles.  That's when I started wondering to myself, "Why in the world am I doing this?"  The answer was awesome.

This year tradition became solid with the third annual 100 Miles of Nowhere.  I signed up immediately and began getting ready (by putting the date on the calendar).  And...I had a bit of a setback when my bike was crunched by a car.  Then my summer became insanely busy and I lost sight of my goal to complete this race.  You see, Fatty never stipulated a solid date for the race:

"This year, the “official” date of the race is Saturday, May 8, and the time is whenever is convenient for you.
And, thanks to the flexibility of the event — i.e., it’s just you, really — if May 8 doesn’t work for you, you can do it another day.
Like in October, if you feel like it."

Which is perfect.  I'm doing it on Friday, October 29. 

Why now?  Because a good friend of mine - Adam, was recently re-diagnosed with cancer.  He fought the same cancer 6 years ago, and won...but that devilish illness snuck back in.  Read about his battle here.  After his first round of Chemo last week, he is now suffering.  I cannot do much to alleviate his pain and nausea.  But I can dedicate 100 miles of effort to his name. 

So here it goes!  The date is set and I'm training again.  It's about time I finally earned that awesome shirt I've been wearing since May!