August 23, 2010


This weekend I played hard.  Friday night we joined several couples for some flag football for about an hour and a half.  Muscles all over my body were making themselves known before we even left the field.  Saturday afternoon I went wakeboarding.  For the first couple of minutes, I thought my run would end soon due to the sore muscles that screamed at me, but the screaming faded as I got comfortable on the water, and I continued for one of the longest rides of the season. 

Yesterday I walked around like an old man with a stiff neck.  I complained all day long.  No one felt sorry for me.

Today I very carefully threw a leg over my bike and hoped I could pedal.  To my joy, although some riding muscles were sore, they returned quickly to use, and I actually made it to work despite headwinds.

Still, sitting here at my desk, every time I move outside of my typing position I wince.  I'm trying not to complain...too much.