February 07, 2013

Weight Loss

One of my major motivations for biking to work is my health.  I'm generally not an unhealthy person, but that is largely because of my choices over the years to live an active lifestyle.  I have evidence to suggest that I am prone to gaining weight.  This evidence has most recently been assured by a 20-pound weight gain over the last 8 months. 

20 Pounds.  Feels.  Wrong.

It also feels motivating. 

That's why I'm biking to work again.  That's why I want to participate in a few races this spring/summer. 

I feel so much better without this extra part of me.  All self-consciousness aside, I physically feel better and healthier at a lower weight.

By the way...I can't believe only two people have logged their opinions on my Redlight Poll.  It's right over there ---------------------------------------->

And it's anonymous.  I really am curious how other people feel about sitting at a redlight on a bike!

Color Matching

One of the benefits of commuting by bike is the independence afforded me.  In fact, I'm most notably aware of the fact that I get to choose my own outfit, bring it to work, and put it on without my wife's interjection. 

At home she's always getting on me for how well I match my colors...often mumbling something about engineers as she walks away. 

This happened just yesterday.  Today, though...I am free.

February 05, 2013

Farmer Blow = Snot Rocket

I know I'm off my game when a snot rocket has me weaving all over the road.  Gotta get that under control!

February 04, 2013

Nemesis Hill Sucks Wind

Rode home from work today.  I wasn't really into it, but I wasn't willing to throw in the towell against my nemesis.  As I approached the incline I realized my rythm wasn't going to jive well.  I stood up and pumped, and quickly my legs felt thick and sluggish...cause they were.  By the mid-point I was suffering.  I was breathing heavily and my mind was wandering.  I attempted to pin down the fleeting thought, "I did not want to walk it".  Finally the crest was in sight.  I was weaving a bit more with each pedal stroke.  My mouth was open wide, and I was certainly spraying saliva with each heave of my lungs, but it still seemed that I couldn't get enough air.  Eventually the ground leveled out, and all I could do was gratefully sit.  Another battle was in the books.  I did not suck.