April 05, 2011

Cuts Like a Knife

The weather here is Spokane has been wet and cold.  A few days last week teased with sunshine for a few hours, but most days the rain came back.  Yesterday was no exception.  I rode to work in overcast and I rode home in light rain. 

But it was not the rain that made life uncomfortable yesterday.  It was the morning cold.  I chose to be a spring optimist and wore a short-sleeve jersey under my jacket.  Generally this would be enough, but there was a gap at my wrist between my glove and jacket sleeve.  I am a terrible wimp about gaps in clothing.  For this very reason I wear long socks and I prefer pants that cover the top of my shoe...even when sitting.

As I sped down Nemesis Hill, that gap at my wrist began to shout at me.  It felt like a sharp knife pressing against my arm harder and harder.  It must have something to do with the moisture in the air, because generally I can handle a bit of cold without complaining. 

Today I wore my winter garb of long sleeve shirt and short sleeve shirt under my jacket.  No gaps.  No cold.