January 16, 2013

A New Season

I'm not a Resolutionist.  To be fair, I've been contemplating getting back on the horse for a while now.  Then today I found that this blog hit the Bicycle Alliance Blog List.  What does that mean to me?  That this little piece of blogosphere still has a flickering light...and that I may just need to give it a nice whack to make it burn strong again.

Truth is, I spent the last few years running like crazy.  I put the blog aside and I largely put cycling aside. 

My abscence was due to a long courtship with the elusive and wiley marathon.  Each year I put more time into it in attempt to meet my original goal: 4 hours.  In 2012 I did it.  So I'm done.  I've run less than 10 times since.  I still like running, and I'll still run.  But no more marathons.  It's not my thing. 

Similarly, I have realized I'm not a bicycle advocate.  I'm no longer a daily cycling commuter, but I am still a commuter.  I like cycling, and I like talking about it, but I'm not here to make statements.  Just to rant now and again and hopefully inspire others to share. 

I've got a few ideas about some rides and such that I want to accomplish this year.  With my weekends back from that darn marathon, I'll have plenty of time to ride.  Maybe even race.  We'll see.

Now where's that bike pump...