December 16, 2010

Out of Sync

Monday I started riding again after a couple of weeks of bussing and driving to work.  It was nice to be out.  About 2/3 the way to work I found myself waiting behind a car at a red light.  I wasn't thinking about much at all, but eventually I realized the light seemed to be a really long.  I then wondered why this felt different.  I quickly concluded that it was because I never wait at that light!  I generally make a right turn at that intersection if ever the light is red.  So pleased to be on the bike with my heart-rate up, I had completely forgotten to apply the proper decision-tree.  I've corrected this behavior now.

December 13, 2010

Curb Reveal

After a week of rain and above-freezing temps, the curbs are mostly visible again, and I'm back on the bike!  Loved the commute this morning.  It really felt good. 

I love my single-speed commuter.  A speedy descent down nemesis hill this morning brought back the fun in commuting!  Single-speed = simple:  rather than measuring speed in miles per hour, I measure it in blocks coasted before I can pedal again.  This morning it was 2 1/2.