January 28, 2011

The Itch

Looking back at the calendar, I see I have only biked to work once in January.  Bummer.  I'm committed to getting past my neck pains, so this may last longer.  But with the streets free of ice and snow it's getting harder to resist. 

The lack of riding has not left me completely inactive.  I'm running and working out on my lunch breaks, but I've still put on a bit of weight lately.  I'm confident that commuting would have curbed that occurrence. 

I looked at my road bike hanging in my shop last night and briefly wondered if I'd be able to get serious about riding it this year.  The answer quickly pushed doubt away, "Heck yes I will!"  I won't let an injury take me away from what I love.  At least not yet! 

Anyway, with the desire to ride growing within me, I had to at least write about it. Ride on!