January 24, 2013

Ohhhh My Sit Bones!

Tuesday evening I rode 3.7 miles home from work.  Wednesday I wimped out.  This morning I buckled down and rode/skated to work, and I felt every. single. bump.  Every one.  Then on my reverse commute I found that indeed it could be worse.  I forgot how awesome fun it is to get through this stage!

In other news I climbed Nemesis Hill tonight.  It was terrible, but I made it.  Truth is, it was much better than going down it this morning.  That was scary.  I've had scary moments in my life, but skating down an ice-slick on a bike at 25 MPH with cars right behind me and dangerously rutted snow on either side of the wheel track I was riding...  One though was screaming through my mind, "STAY VERTICAL!!!".  Needless to say, my bike seat was as thin as a dime by the time I reached the bottom.

Kinda makes me wonder, "Why am I doing this?" until I get on the scale and confirm that those love handles are not an illusion.


Last year my boss began commuting to work by bike.  He has a 10-mile commute, and...

This was a post I never finished in 2011.  The end of that sentence is, "...I suck."

January 23, 2013


In an attempt to be less boring than "Today I'm a wimp..." I hope to share the occasional picture that relates to biking in some fashion.  
I therefore present item #1. The Iron Bridge over the Spokane River in all its snowy glory.

Wimp, but Not Total Wimp

I rode my bike home from work yesterday.  It was hard.  I am not in shape.  I did not face Nemisis Hill.  I didn't even look at it.  Just turned off on the earliest convenient road to Easy Street.  Wimped right out...but not totally...I mean, I was out there!

Then this morning my bed was so warm and I had no desire to get up after a later evening prior.  So I wimped out completely and drove in to work...late. 

So I'm not only a wimp, I'm a compulsive 'wimp of the moment'.  Hmmmm... gonna have to work on that.

January 22, 2013

Geared Up

I'm about 75% committed to riding home from work today.  25% of me wants to be lazy and warm and ride the bus.  The rest of me says get out there and skip away from that bus schedule.

I geared up this morning for my bus ride in to work.  I brought in clothes for tomorrow, clothes for the ride home, shoes for the ride home, the key to my bike lock and an air pump.  I keep a bike at work generally whether I'm commuting or not.  It's handy to ride it for various errands.  It's been long enough since I last rode it that both tires were basically flat.  They are properly tuned to 90 psi now (did this before work so it wouldn't become an excuse at the end of the day).

So here's to a great commute home this evening!  Wish me luck.  It's cold, snowy, and...cold.