February 26, 2013


I've heard the rumblings of cyclists complaining about bicycle detection at traffic signals.  It's something I experienced long ago from the perspective of a motorcycle in another state.  This morning, though, I gained some empathy for the situation in Spokane. 

I rode up to a red traffic signal and waited.  The cross traffic on the more busy arterial was free flowing with a green light and a white walking signal.  After about 30 seconds slowly ticked away, a couple of cars came up to the line on my right and made right-hand turns.  Coincidentally, the walk signal turned to a flashing hand, and I figured I'd be good to go momentarily.  After those cars made their turn, and I was again alone the flashing hand went solid, but the light did not turn yellow.  It remaind green, and after several seconds, the white walking man re-appeared.

At this point I was severely tempted to run me a redlight.  Without the aid of a massive car I was bound to stand and stare at a red light. 

Eventually a couple of cars came up behind me and to my left, and the light was triggered, but the damage has been done.  I will now distrust traffic lights when on my bike.

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